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The European Parliament and how we find the president and commissioners

As the head of the European Parliament Bureau in the Netherlands argued, national politics should see the European Parliament and how the government is formed as an example. Yes, but we still have a lot to wish for. Now that the elections in Europe are over and the European Parliament got the Commission president it wanted, there is one major objection. The parliament cannot send him away.

Next are the commisioners. Candidates come from the member states. Is this what the parliament wants? If not, then the parliament can block the entire European Commission. There will be a public hearing with the candidates the president selected from the candidates put forward by the member states. Parliament did not draw up a list with wishes for the positions. Few citizens can be candidate since member states make a pre selection. After the Commission is installed, we are stuck with them. Parliament can not send individual Commissioners away.

What should be improved?

  • Parliament should be able to replace the president if there is a majority in favour.
  • Each European citizen should be able to reply to the vacancy of Commisioner.
  • The vacancies for the Commissioner jobs should be written by the Parliament, not the member states.
  • Parliament should be able to replace individual Commissioners if there is a majority in favour.

Apart from obvious changes like the right for the parliament to take the initiative for legislation.